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Article published in AHORA on January 15th.

Complete text in English: Can new elections be avoided in Spain? Article in AHORA

“Although the political situation after the recent elections is confusing, the main political parties have serious reasons to seek a viable and stable form of government”.
“An effort to avoid going back to the polls should be expected from the two parties with proven experience – PP and PSOE – but also from Ciudadanos and Podemos”.
“Any hypothetical outcome seems unreachable at first sight. But it wouldn’t be wise to throw in the towel”.
“After the first investiture vote, in which Rajoy will be defeated […] a legal countdown will begin with the opening of a two-month period to find a solution. And two months in politics is a long time, during which many things can happen”.

20160115 - Álvaro Valiño

Photo: AHORA / Álvaro Valiño

Rajoy a virtually insurmountable obstacle.
“Rajoy is an almost insurmountable obstacle for his party to reach an agreement with other forces”. “So far, neither he nor the PP are thinking about taking that step, but as weeks go by, there will be voices inside and outside his party inviting him to reflect”.

Podemos and Ciudadanos must show consistency and responsibility.
“Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera may also contribute to governance, given the circumstances. Both would do well to be more consistent. They presented themselves as the champions of an alleged “new politics” based on dialogue rather than confrontation from immovable trenches, and now they cannot engage in establishing insurmountable barriers”.

“A way out needs to be found”.
“In my opinion, at least three essential issues must be addressed”.

  • “Starting by the more urgent and important, we need to define a clear line of action regarding Catalonia”.
  • “To do this, and secondly, Parliament is called upon to steer without delay the debate on the reform of the Constitution”.
  • “Modern, committed to democracy and the rule of law left and right parties, can find meeting points around them without betraying their political identity and their principles”.

Greatest difficulties: territorial model and personalities.
“The greatest difficulties in the agreement, whether a government or a parliamentary support agreement on these major issues, lie on the one hand on the decisions about the territorial model and on the other hand, on the personalities of the leaders. Whoever wants to change the State model provided for in the Constitution without going through the procedures established for its reform cannot be part of the solution”.


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