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In his opening speech as a new President of the European Council, Donald Tusk announced a few months ago that “Politics is back in Europe”. What he meant by this was not a remainder of some of the brilliant speeches of our EU founding fathers or the happy anniversary of the signature of new EU Treaties. He obviously had in mind the number of conflicts taking place near our borders, as they were in our own territories until 1945.

For this reason, those days many europeans are feeling insecure, as they were during the Cold war. Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Irak, Afganistan, Lybia…. Thousands of people dead, millions of human beings displaced and trying to become refugees, terrorist networks recruiting soldiers within our countries, failed States. Some of the consequences are directly felt at home, not only miles away.

How can the European Union react to this new situation? Europe is obliged to tackle the challenges, to understand the real risks and to adopt political decisions at the highest political level. Nevertheless, we know by experience that this will not be easy. Will this time be different? Tusk is rigth, politics must be back because as he also said, “history is again with us”.

And not only our external security is under threat because the conflicts going on in our Eastern and Southern neighbourhoods. Recently, the UN demographic projections showed the dramatic increase foreseen for the african population along this century. Everyday we read informations about the cybersecurity risks. About climate change consequences. And so on and so forth.

How many of these challenges can receive adequate responses without a european commitment to reach a common strategy and coordinate our resources and instruments?

Yes, Tusk is definitely rigth. “Politics is back in Europe”. Or at least, “Politics must be back” As son as possible

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