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I would like to display in this Blog my ideas and comments about the issues that concern me. The situation of the European Union and the difficulties within the euro area. The big challenges we have to tackle in the coming years and the reasons why I firmly believe that we have to face it together with our partners at the EU level. The problems that lead us to think about the future with pesimism and fear. The growing inequalities and the risks surrounding the Welfare State. The lack of trust in politics and politicians.

Therefore, from now on you can read here my thoughts about macroeconomic policies, employment, energy, education and many other topics that will come up to my mind. I will offer to your consideration my opinions through brief “posts” or “twits”, but also attaching my articles in the media, speeches or conferences. And of course I intend to interact with your comments to establish a fruitful dialog for both interlocutors. I very much hope you will be interested in such dialog and I invite you to start it right now.

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